DPH Photography School

DPH is the short form for Dronesperhour. Our company foundation is based on our love for images, videos, and drones. With over 1200 commercial flights, Dronesperhour GmbH is an established provider on the market. We produced and implemented projects for clients like Audi, Siemens, and Rolls Royce.

In order to pass on our knowledge and to get more people interested in drones, we founded the DPH Drone Services UG for the DPH drone school. There are now 18 different locations where you can take the official A2 remote drone certificate, also known as a drone driver's license.  DPH already has over 5000 people that joined our online classes . The feedback from our students was overwhelming, and they loved how we designed and structured the classes. (Click the following link to get more information about dph and  dph droneschool.)

That is why we decided in 2020 to create the DPH PHOTOGRAPHY SCHOOL for anybody who wants to learn photography skills. You don't have to spend hours and hours on Youtube to find information that isn't structured. We've prepared a well–structured, easy-to-follow online photography course that is both effective and affordable whether you are entirely new to photography or want to top up your skills.

We spend over one year in this class to give you the knowledge that helps you implement what you see and is your mind. 

Also click here if you want to download or take a look at our drone software that allows you to make stunning fotos and videos by programming your DJI drone with our Your Flight Drone App.